What Is The Best Knot To Support A Tree?

What Is The Best Knot To Support A Tree?

When supporting a tree, especially in situations where additional support is needed to prevent leaning, falling, or damage from high winds or heavy branches, one commonly used knot is the “Marline Hitch.”

This knot provides reliable support and can be easily adjusted as needed. Here’s how to tie it…

  1. Start by wrapping a rope around the tree trunk or branch several times, with the wraps parallel to each other.
  2. Cross the working end of the rope over the standing part (the part of the rope that runs from the tree to your hand).
  3. Bring the working end under the wraps and then back over the standing part, forming a loop.
  4. Pass the working end through the loop you’ve created.
  5. Tighten the knot by pulling on the working end and the standing part simultaneously, ensuring that the wraps are snug against the tree and the knot is secure.
  6. To further secure the knot, you can add additional wraps or tie off the working end with a half hitch or other securing knot.

The Marline Hitch is preferred for supporting trees because it distributes the load evenly across the wraps, reducing the risk of damage to the tree bark or branches. It can be easily adjusted or untied when necessary for tree maintenance or growth.

Ensure that any support provided to a tree is appropriate for its specific needs and does not cause harm. If you’re uncertain about the best method for supporting a tree or if the tree requires professional attention, it’s advisable to consult with a certified arborist or tree care professional for guidance.