Tree Trimming

We offer trimming year around at ICT Tree & Landscape.

Pruning trees is a common maintenance task. In urban settings, this should be done to maintain the structure and integrity of your tree. When your tree is pruned it is essential to the life of your tree that it is done with the proper biology of the tree. If pruning is done incorrectly it can cause everlasting damage and even cause your tree to die.

Most commonly your tree is trimmed to remove any dead limbs, improve the shape of your tree, and/or to reduce risk of your tree falling/hurting something. Pruning is done to bring light and air into the tree or landscape below.

Here at ICT Tree & Landscape we will only preform these cuts. Cleaning, thinning, raising and reduction. We will not top trees, this is the most harmful cut, we would rather just remove or properly reduce if it can be done safely.

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