Fast Tree Trimming & Landscaping in Haysville KS

Fast Tree Trimming & Landscaping in Haysville KS

At ICT Tree & Landscape are committed to providing the best Tree Trimming & Landscaping service for all of your tree and landscape needs in Haysville.

Our #1 goal is your complete satisfaction as a customer and the proper care of your trees and landscapes. We give you the proper instructions to help you keep your trees healthy and keep your landscape looking fresh and clean.

We are insured for your protection and ours. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call (316) 218-2603. You can text us pictures but we are happy to come to visit in Haysville, KS and give you a free estimate.

Here to serve you. We will try our absolute hardest to take care of all your tree and landscape needs to meet your 100% satisfaction.

Tree Pruning For Haysville Homes & Properties

We remove unnecessary branches or roots that help direct the trees and landscape in the directional growth you are looking for.

Tree Planting Services

We dig the holes, get the right soil, place the tree, stake it and add mulch. Planting trees isn’t as easy as it sounds. Soil, weather, wind direction, ground and soil, sunlight direction and distance between each other are all factors in knowing when, where, and how to plant a series or even a single tree on your property.

Tree Trimming Service

We offer trimming year around at ICT Tree & Landscape. Pruning trees is a common maintenance task. In urban settings, this should be done.

Haysville, KS Stump Grinding & Removal

Here at ICT Tree and Landscape, we have stump grinding capability. We are a one-stop-shop. We can just grind your stumps.

Tree Felling / Removal

Removing trees is always our last resort, although sometimes it is necessary. If your tree is dead and/or dangerous, we will remove it.

Tree Doctor Services

A tree doctor is an arborist, an arborist is someone who cares for and looks after trees just like a doctor would. They plan, fertilize, prune and perform regular maintenance to ensure the health, well-being, and directional growth of trees, plants, and shrubs in a landscape.

Haysville Area Landscaping Service

We have a wide range of landscape options for homes and commercial properties in Haysville. Mowing, retaining walls, paver, and concrete patios, fencing, sod installation, grass seeding

Land Clearance Crew

For large commercial properties in or around Haysville, we will clear the land for development, improving the soil for new landscaping. We dig up rocks and roots, fill in holes in the ground, smooth out ruts and hills and remove any pre-existing stumps.


An arborist plans, fertilizes, prunes, and performs regular maintenance to ensure the health, well-being, and directional growth of trees, plants, and shrubs in a landscape.

We service Haysville and the entire Sedwick County area. Call (316) 218-2603